Artist, Philosopher, Mother- Meet Michelle Massey Barnes

Art is one of the most essential and accessible forms human expression.
We can universally translate a feeling or a belief, all with just one click of a shutter.

I discovered my love for photography after studying psychology and culture at Harvard Divinity School.
This path of education gave me a deep look into what makes us human and why it is so special to be able to preserve parts of our lives.
The art of photography has taught me how to really see the people who come into my life.

Some of the greatest joy in my own life stems from opportunities to capture the spirit of the people I have been able to work with,
especially my own three children. Providing generations of families a way to preserve the love they have for one another is an art that drives my business.

Life is vibrant, complicated, inspirational and a journey worth documenting.
Through photography, I hope that you are able to live life inspired and witness life's beautiful moments along the way.