HOW DO I KNOW WHICH SESSION IS BEST FOR ME? If you aren't sure, get in touch and we will help you decide. We can also talk through the branding benefits of studio and location sessions. The goal is for you to tell us who you are, so we can visually represent the side you want to show.

WHAT DO I WEAR? Clothing that matches the overall look and feel of the images you want to create is the key to great images. We can talk over this during your complimentary consultation, and we will also send out a style guide that shows how to put together different layers and textures. You are welcome to bring extra outfits, and we will help you make final selections.

I WANT TO GET MY HAIR AND MAKE UP DONE. DO YOU HAVE ANY RECOMMENDATIONS? We sure do! We have favorite stylists in Chelsea and in Ann Arbor. We'll ask you a few questions about your personal hair and make up style and let you know the professionals we think would make the best fit.

I'D LIKE CUSTOM IMAGES ALL ABOUT MY BRAND. DO YOU HAVE FAVORITE OUTDOOR LOCATIONS? Yes! Let's talk about the look and feel that you want to capture, and we can talk about different location possibilities. We have local favorites as well as travel possibilities.

IT'S ALWAYS SO HARD TO DECIDED WHICH IMAGES I WANT. WILL YOU HELP ME DECIDE? We have a great process designed to make selection easy and even fun. Not only will we help you through the ordering process, we will also give you ideas on you how can use the images to help market your brand.

DO YOU PHOTOGRAPH TEAMS? We sure do. Give us a call. We will talk over the details and get you an estimate.

be your brand

We would love to help you create a brand portfolio you love.
Tell us what you are thinking, and we'll reach out to set up a complimentary planning call.
We can't wait to begin!